Monday, October 5, 2009

Gary Chaw faces jail term for assaulting his friend

Hong Kong police have arrested Malaysian singer Gary Chaw for street-fighting on the streets and he faces a possible jail term of up to a year if convicted.

Chaw's Sept 23 fight with his friend Justin Lo in a busy street within the Special Administrative region of China was caught on video. The clip showed Chaw, 30, attacking Lo and had at one pointtrying to bash him with a signboard.

Despite his public apology to Lo a day later, the incident turned into a huge issue by the media, especially after police began investigating the case. Chaw then sneaked back to Malaysia to avoid further media attention. But it is learnt that he returned to Hong Kong on Friday upon request of the police and was subsequently arrested. He has since been released on bail pending further investigations but has to report to the police again soon.

Chaw's case comes under common assault, the penalty of which can be jail for up to one year. A police spokesman confirmed that he was arrested in connection with the fight and that Lo's statement has been recorded.

The fight has been a big blow to Chaw's career. He was reported to have lost a RM18.4mil (S$7.5m) contact with a recording company in addition to his concerts and music programmes in Hong Kong being cancelled. Speculation is rife that he was having serious problems with his Taiwanese wife, who chose to stay in Taiwan with their one-year-old son during Chaw's brief return to Malaysia.

It is learnt that the wife is unhappy with his 'alcohol-violent' behaviour. Rumours are also being spread that Chaw had once held a knife at his wife's neck while he was drunk.

Meanwhile, a spokesperson from Chaw's recording company, Rock Records (Malaysia, said the singer went back to Hong Kong to assist in police investigations."We will let the lawyer to handle this," she said.


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