Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aaron Kwok and Shu Qi at "City Under Seige" opening ceremony

HONG KONG - Yesterday at Yeun Long movie studio, the cast of "City Under Seige" Aaron Kwok, Shu Qi, Zhang Jing Chu and director Benny Chan held a praying ceremony for the movie.

This movie is about mutants and it is considered to be an Eastern version of Hollywood movie "Wolverine" starring Hugh Jackman.

Director Benny Chan revealed that Aaron plays a mutant in the film who undergoes various transformations as a result of inhaling biohazard gas by accident. Benny Chan expressed that this film, with a 100 million budget, will combine Chinese martial arts with Hollywood special effects. A large number of mutants will appear in the film and all of them are skilled in Chinese martial arts.

Aaron Kwok praying that the movie will be a box office hit..

Aaron Kwok and Shu Qi - Don't they make a good couple?

In the movie, Aaron and Shu Qi play a couple. This is not the first time they play an on screen couple. Their last movie together was about ten years ago a film called "The Stormriders" .

Shu Qi plays a news journalist pursuing the case who falls for Aaron. Zhang Jing Chu and Wu Jing play a couple of experts specialized in capturing mutants, both well-equipped with martial skills.



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