Monday, June 29, 2009

'The Partner' Actor Lee Plays Flirty Lawyer

Heartthrob actor Lee Dong-wuk has made a comeback in a new drama series as a playful and snobbish lawyer. In his last drama, "Sweet Life," his melancholy character had melted the hearts of women viewers.

In an interview during the premiere presentation of the new KBS2 Wednesday-Thursday series "The Partner", Lee--the lead actor--said, "We are filming intensely. I will do my absolute best."

The character he plays is the flirtatious and cynical lawyer Lee Tae-jo. Lee jokingly said, “Being flirtatious is the complete opposite of my real self so portraying that aspect is painful."

He was also upbeat about his less serious and heavy role in the new drama. Lee said, "My Girl" was super popular and "Sweet Life" was more of a quality character series. "The Partner" is somewhere between the two. It doesn't center on one big story but has a central plot and sub episodes. It can't be boring."

Director Hwang Eui-kyung praised Lee for beautifully acting out his character, a person of both logic and passion whose heart is "like a desert that cannot be filled by whatever means." Playing opposite actress Kim Hyeon-joo, Lee is expected to show a comical, arrogant and flirty side of his TV persona. "The Partner" first aired on June 24 on KBS2.


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