Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blind Japanese pianist wins prestigious award

I came across this story and thought that it has such an inspirational value that I have to share with you.
Nobuyuki Tsujii, a 20 years old Japanese pianist has been blind since birth. On Sunday he became the first Asian and the first blind pianist to win the Van Cliburn International Piano Competition in Fort Worth, Texas. An achievement that many talented pianist would only dream of achieving.
How did he become so engrossed in a piece of instrument when he couldn't even see the keys? Well, the answer to that would be passion wouldn't it. Tsujii have a passion to play the piano that it becomes part of his life.

He said "I've always loved the piano since I was small. The piano replaced toys - it was a friend for me."
"Whenever I would go on a trip I would feel uncomfortable if I didn't play piano everyday," he said, adding that he first performed in public on a piano on display at a shopping centre in Saipan.
Tsujii, a music student at Ueno Gakuen in Tokyo, said that imagining colours helps him perform. "I like blue, and orange, so I visualise those colours when I perform," he said. "I try to think which colour would go with which number." Asked what he would like to see if he had sight, he replied, smiling: "Right now, I'm seeing things sufficiently through my heart, so I am satisfied."
In addition to the receiving international fame, Tsujii is receiving monetary gain through the increase in album sales.

Congratulation Tsujii.


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