Monday, June 22, 2009

Gigi Lai confirmed not pregnant

Gigi Lai in a recent interview has confirmed that she's not pregnant, yet!, but hoping to have a tiger baby by 2010.

Hunan News reports

Translation by:

Since wedding to wealthy businessman Ma Ting Keung 5 months ago, Gigi Lai has been constantly rumored in being pregnant almost every few months.

On the 11th June, Gigi was interviewed by the Hong Kong press and revealed for the first time that she is planning to have children next year which is the year of the Tiger. On that day she wore a red silk dress and revealed a small stomach bump while wearing 4 inch heels. Before the reporters could say anything she immediately said "Do I look fatter? In the past I was very slim and looked better on camera. Now I am happy with my weight but I don't look great on camera".

Earlier a magazine revealed pregant pictures of Gigi. She replied hopelessly "Those pictures have been photoshopped, pregnancy is not something you can lie about". (Are you currently pregnant?) "To be honest, No! This year is not the right time because I am very busy. We are moving and need to refurbish the house. I also need to engage in a lot of social activities. Next year!" She disclosed that she has plans in having children and hopes to give birth to a cute tiger baby in 2010.


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