Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Sophie's (Zhang Ziyi) Revenge

Sophie's Revenge is a romantic comedy movie, a collaboration of Chinese and Korean actors starring Zhang Ziyi, So Ji-sub, Fan Bingbing, Ruby Lin, Yao Chen, Peter Ho.
Director: Jin Yimeng
Writer: Jin Yimeng
Country: China/South Korea
Language: Mandarin
Release Date (China): August 14, 2009
About the film:

Comic book artist Sophie is a lovely and carefree girl brimming with creativity. She and her handsome surgeon boyfriend of two years, Jeff, are a perfect couple. After Jeff's proposal in front of her family and all of her friends, Sophie seems to become the happiest girl in the world.

That is until Jeff meets a famous movie star named Joanna. Immediately after that, he breaks up with Sophie.
Devastated, Sophie comes up with a plan to do whatever it takes to win Jeff back.
At a Halloween party hosted by Gordon, a photographer, Sophie stumbles upon a photo of Gordon and Joanna together, which immediately gives her an idea of forming an alliance with Gordon. This decision however becomes a roller coaster of comedic twists and turns.

Will Sophie win her man back?

Comic book artist Sophie (Zhang Ziyi) is a creative, strong-willed young lady. After her boyfriend dumped her just two months before their wedding to be with another woman, Sophie is prepared to do whatever it takes to win him back.

South Korean actor So Ji-Sub plays the handsome, U.S.-trained surgeon Jeff who gets caught between his ex-girlfriend Sophie and his current love Joanna, when the two women fight for his love.

Lucy (Ruby Lin), another close friend of Sophie, is an independent urban woman, who insists that marriage is a farce and changes her boyfriends faster than she changes her underwear.

Beautiful movie star Joanna (Fan Bing Bing) just cannot stand the idea of her boyfriend still tangled up with his old flame.

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