Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Choi Si Won shows off muscles on “Men’s Health”

Super Junior member, Choi Si Won (22) made the front cover of “Men’s Health” magazine for June issue. According to his management, they’ve been ‘watching’ his progress closely, and invited him to be on the cover to show off his hidden muscular (super hot) body. “Choi Si Won, who usually has a slim physique, faced a rumor that he had a hard time managing his body.” and so they want to show off that the rumor is not true. Si Won is selected as the cover of “Men’s Health” should tell those rumors off. And that’s why he has been selected as a model.

The pictorial for the magazine was taken on May 7, this was the original schedule for him to show off what he has been in training for since 3 months ago. He has undergone an intensive training to prepare for this pictorial.

His basic movement is very steady, and his upper body as well as the well-built chest muscles should tell how improved his body was in training. The pictorial concept is Choi Si Won’s childhood sports, such as Taekwondo and basketball. So to express the nostalgia of childhood, they were shooting him playing sports as its main concept.

Looking at these picture who would have guessed that this deliciously good looking guy is only 22. Wow... drools.... O_O
You wanna play with moi... ?

Source: Jazzaholic


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