Sunday, June 28, 2009

Myolie Wu is a guest at Miss Hong Kong 2009

Myolie Wu is a guest for the “2009 Miss Hong Kong Pagaent”, after she came in contact with the contestants, she feels that Number 4 (Sandy Lau) is quite friendly and is suitable to develop in the entertainment industry. Some say that the contestants this year is bad quality, Myolie expressed that they will get prettier as time goes by, she praises the contestants to have great body figures. For example, Number 8 (Mizuni Hung) has quite sexy hips, Number 3 (Grace Cheng) looks like Suki Tsui. She also said that shooting for Miss Hong Kong again this year reminds her of the old memories when she was part of the pageant, just a blink of an eye and it has already been 10 years.

Myolie picking strawberries

Myolie don the role of a photographer

Myolie and a contestant of Miss Hong Kong 2009

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Anonymous said...

Hi myolie, how you going? you can come to my birthday party! I like you very much! I want to hug you ! ;-D

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