Monday, June 15, 2009

Kristen Stewart has a new look.... and it's not nice!

What the ....?

Kristen Stewart's new hair cut look awful! Who ever it was that cut that hair for her should be shot. It doesn't suit her and she looks mean.

This is not the look of Bella that our the handsome Edward falls in love with. In fact, i think if Edward see Bella with that hair cut, he might decide to drink her blood and change her into a vampire. She already looks like one, so he might as well grant her that wish.

What do you think of her hair cut?


Anonymous said...

she's never been an attractive woman , but with this hairdo , she looks dead . ABSOLUTELY HIDEOUS ! GO HIDE UNDER A ROCK NOW ! (:

Anonymous said...

she looks amazing.
it's also for a movie, dipshits.

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