Sunday, June 21, 2009

Catherine Hung and Zhang Dan Feng tied the knot

On June 20, Catherine Hung Yan (38) wedded mainland actor Zhang Dan Feng (27) ending their 4 years courtship. The bride and groom said their vows in front of family and friends.

Zhang has promised to love his wife forever despite there is a 11 years gap between the two. Love really have no boundaries, the couple despite the age differnent seem to be very in love.

The bridal party: (L) Ada, Yoyo, Catherine, Dan, Evergreen ...

The bridal party includes Ada Choi, Monica Chan and Yoyo Mung as bridesmaids and the groomsmen include Evergree Mak and Catherine's son .

The happy couple sealed it with a kiss

Two georgeous bridesmaids - Yoyo Mung and Ada Choi

First bridesmaid - Ada Choi

Second bridesmaid - Yoyo Mung
Third bridesmaid - Monica Chan

There is no sight of Athena Chu at the wedding. Athena and the bridesmaids are known to be very close friends, it is strange that Athena wasn't seen at the wedding.
Images: tungstar,


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