Monday, June 29, 2009

Gigi Leung wishes Ekin and Yoyo happy marriage

Gigi Leung & Athena Chu at a Charity Bowling Function

Gigi Leung was invited as guest of honor to attend yesterday's "Yan Oi Tong Charity bowling tournament 2009" in Tuen Mun. Guests including Rain Li, Athena Chu, Ella Koon, William So and HotCha etc were there too.

Gigi revealed that she hasn't been bowling for 2 years since she started having her nails manicure. She had been bowling with Andy Lau and Hacken Lee in the past and her best score was over 200 points. She remembered when she was bowling with them, they were always surrounded by fans.

Gigi is now learning to do ceramics and will also be releasing a children's storybook in this year's book fair. Reporter asked her as quite a few celebrities are producing their own portrait, why doesn't she do the same? Gigi said she had done it for 2 years. If she wants to do the same, she might as well write a documentary which may attract more readers.

Talking about the death of Michael Jackson, Gigi said when she heard the news, she wanted to cry. She is now being positive and take it easy in life.

Speaking about the recent rumor that Ekin Cheng is going to marry Yoyo Mung, Gigi smiled and wished them happiness.

Reporter made a remark about another rumor that Ekin and Yoyo has relationship problems, Gigi expressed that it is their private life, she is not in the position to comment.

Rain Li arrived at the bowling tournament the same time as her rumored boyfriend Marcus Wong, one of the directors of Yan Oi Tong.

Rain left the tournament after a little while and denied that she was afraid to be seen together with Marcus. She didn't mind having her picture taken with him. In fact, through the public relations, Marcus has already refused to be photographed with her.

During the opening ceremony, Marcus and Rain went round to chat with other guests separately. They did have pictures taken together with other people. Athena said she did bowling when she was in school, but wasn't very good at it. She understands the important of having the right posture when throwing the ball.

Reporter asked if her boyfriend went bowling with her? Athena frowned straight away, saying that if he has time, he would rather practice "Thai Boxing". Ella told reporter that she is never good at bowling and doubted that she will get better no matter how hard she practice.



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