Thursday, June 25, 2009

Kpop: Girls’ Generation Poised to Break Own Record with 2nd Mini-album

This is a 9 members Kpop group - Girls' Generation. What is the point of having 9 people in a group. It's not like they all have different voices that make a difference in their songs. They all sound the same to me, so why 9, isn't it a bit of a crowd??

Anyway KBS reports ....

The nine-member girl-band Girls' Generation soared to stardom early this year with its song “Gee.” In an interview that was held June 22, the Girls’ Generation members spoke about how their popularity has changed their lives. All nine of them have been invited to appear on popular variety shows that further boosted their popularity. But there was a downside as well: fatigue from tight schedules.

Hyo-yeon says she was surprised to learn that even elderly people recognized her on the street. Parodies of “Gee” were shown on innumerable shows while magazines introduced Girls’ Generation’s fashion and makeup styles.

Youn-a says she saw several photos of Girls’ Generation in a single magazine and that her photo was published in the “Horoscope Stars of the Year” section.

In the military, there is even a joke that soldiers who join the army with several autographs of Girls’ Generation members are guaranteed good treatment for two years. The band members say their stylists receive one day off whenever they get their autographs and that they gave their autographs innumerable times to soldiers. They added jokingly that singer Kang Ta, who is currently serving in the military, was happy to get their autograph and is now treated with “all due respect” in the military.

Read the rest of the story here

Check out there youtube video of their first single "Gee" with english subtitle.


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