Sunday, June 14, 2009

Ada Choi nominated for "Best Female Award"

Ada Choi as Jessica in "The Gem of Life"

Ada Choi has been nominated for the Best Female Award for her role as Jessica at this year's Shanghai Television Festival Magnolia Award. She played a smart, manipulative, "selfish and scheming" person who would not stop at anything to get to her goal..... to be rich and powerful.

Ada said that this role has been her best performance to date and that she has fallen in love with her character.

If you've seen the drama then you would probably agree that this is one of Ada's best performance to date. I have always been a fan of Ada and think that she's one of the best actresses at TVB if not the best.

Jessica's character changes from a sweet girl however consumed by greed and fame to become a manipulative and scheming person. She's considered murdering her sister to achive her goal.

Credit to: TVBnewsworld


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