Friday, July 10, 2009

Australian Idol Thanh Bui performs for Paris by Night 96

[youtube video credit to vincentboy99]
If you are a follower of a popular franchise talent show Australian Idol then you would not not known of an Australian born Vietnamese guy Thanh Bui who was in the top 9 in the 2008 Australian Idol show.
Thuy Nga Production obviously recognised this singing and song writing talent have invited him to perform on Paris by Night 96. His performance on the show have impressed a lot of PBN viewers. His song Mirror Mirror was meaningful and to me it addressed an issue that most teenage girls today suffer from that is from low self esteem due to the pressure from TV and beauty magazines where these girls see the need to look beautiful on the exterior. Thanh Bui's messsage in his lyrics encourage our family, friends and lovers to tell our children that beauty is more than skin deep.
I hope you will enjoy this song as much as I did.


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