Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Myolie Wu is the winner among Miss Hong Kong hopeful

Myolie Wu (30)

Miss Hong Kong winner 10 years ago Myolie Wu outshined this year's contestants. Yesterday at a promotion event for Miss Hong Kong 2009 in Hokkaido Japan, the girls wore bikini each showing off their body. None of the contestant this year stood out but Myolie receive a lot of praises for her good looking body even though it has been 10 years ago since she joined the contest.
Hong Kong media MingPao reports...
(Translation credit to R.E.D @ asianvn)

"10 Miss Hong Kong hopeful returned to Hong Kong after spending 8 days filming
in Hokkaido. Media reported that the 10 of them are of average quality standard,
no one in particular is tipped to be the hot favorite. Yesterday, Myolie Wu and
Skye Chan wore bikini to help the promotion. The winner was 30 years old Myolie,
who was crowned Miss Hong Kong ten years ago. Myolie told reporter she had to
keep fit and on a diet before she attempted to wear the bikini. She is very
happy with her figure and she will keep the pictures they took as a momentum.
She revealed that she is very proud to say that her skin is much better than 10
years ago. The reporter noticed that she has a stretch mark on her tummy, she
replied that it is only a skin fold, it has nothing to do with her getting fat.
In fact she hardly wears bikini since she became Miss Hong Kong, until she was
filming on "To Grow With Love" when she had a "roundish" figure. No doubt,
Myolie was the focus among the 10 contestants. When they were having their photo
shoot, the reporters kept on praising her. Myolie reckoned Mandy Chung and
Mizuni Hung stand a good chance of winning the contest."

Q. Who do you think will win??

Sandy Lau
Mizini Hung
Skye Chan
Candy Yuen
Mandy Chung
Hilaire Tsang
Winnie Ma


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