Monday, July 13, 2009

Is Singer Gigi Leung getting married?

According to Hong Kong daily Ming Pao reported that the French furniture designer, known only as Sly, hopes to marry singer/actress Gigi Leung in Paris next year. The pair met through friendshave been dating over three years (shortly after her split with ex-BF Ekin Cheng in 2006 ) and that Sly has popped the question but Gigi (33) still has not given him the answer.

"He did bring up marriage, but he didn't officially propose to me," Gigi was quoted saying.
"I am not in a hurry to get married. Moreover, he is a Westerner and our cultures are so different. I need more time to get to know him better, at least three times as long. Kelly Chen, (Hong Kong singer) dated for 16 years before she got married!"

Recently there were reports that Gigi's ex-boyfriend Ekin Cheng is marrying girlfriend Yoyo Mung but nothing has been confirmed.


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