Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sonjia Kwok searching for Mr. Right

Former Miss Hong Kong 1999 Sonjia Kwok reveals that she is looking for Mr. Right.

She was quoted saying “The baby (refering to a baby she acted with in D.I.E. 2) is so cute! I do feel a little impulse to become a mother. But first of all, I have to find the right man!”

So, what type of person would be Sonjia's Mr Right? Would it be someboby like Michael Tao? *-^

All jokes aside... I do love Sonjia. I think she is a very beautiful lady although lacking in the acting department but that would come with time. I don't think she went through any formal acting training. She started acting after she was crowned Miss HK.
Sonjia recent alleged affair with Michael Tao have left a huge dent in her reputation. She was rumoured to be the third person linked to the break-up of Michael Tao's marriage. Her alleged affair with Michael Tao has topped the tabloids headlines.
Miss Kwok says that she's still looking for her perfect partner which means to me that she's not with Michael Tao so the rumour was somewhat not credible wouldn't you say?

Sonjia says “I’m still waiting. I have decided to let nature take its course. I used to be a little impatient, but not anymore.”
Don't worry Sonjia, with your good looks I am sure you won't have to wait long.


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