Wednesday, July 22, 2009

HK singer Denise Ho comes out of the closet

Hong Kong singer Denise Ho (何韻詩)
Hong Kong singer Denise Ho dropped a bombshell during a promotional event for a radio show on Saturday, admitting that she is attracted to women.

Rumours of lesbianism had long been surrounding the androgynous singer who is constantly captured in intimate photos with female stars. And when asked if she was homosexual, Ho told host Sammy Leung, "Yes. End of answer".

Leung's jaw dropped while the audience were shocked into silence.

"I've been asked this question for so many years, I wanted to give a fresh answer this time," Ho later told reporters. "Being gay is no big deal," added the 32-year-old, who touches on lesbianism in some of her songs.

As part of the event, stars had to respond to questions raised by the media, and many were unsure if Ho was serious or just playing the game.

Ho's rumoured ex-boyfriend, singer Wilfred Lau, thinks it was just a "friendly joke", while others say she was out to attract attention.

That must be a great relief to her to finally tell the truth about her sexuality and no longer have to put up with a charade being someone she's not.


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