Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Cathy Viet Thi turns Director of YanTV

Singer Viet Thi which we know from Van Son Entertainment, real name is Vũ Lynn Cathy. After the scandal that exploded on-screen between her ex-husband Actor Johnny Tri Nguyen and Actress Ngo Thanh Van, we hear little about her private life. Now a new Cathy emerged.
Endured the cheating and scandal that her husband denies and later confessed, Cathy delivers the divorced papers. After their divorce, Lynn Cathy spends time with her children and rebuilds her life. Now happy and moving with other opportunities in her life, she is currently the Director of YanTV , a music production company similar to MTV.

Cathy shared that being a mother of two, she will be busy with balancing work and family. However, her passion in music and the opportunity to resume this in a different role is intriguing and challenging, something she will tackle wholeheartedly. A new woman and a new life without the drama from Johnny.

Ngo Thanh Van (a.k.a Virus) and Johnny Tri Nguyen



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