Friday, July 31, 2009

Would Ashley Greene be better as Bella?

Ashley Greene as Alice Cullen in Twilight

I don't know how you feel about Ashley Greene but I think the girl is georgeous. Personally I think she'd be better to play Bella the main character in Twilight than Kristen Stewart.

Bella in the book is someone who needs protection all the time hence Edward Cullen became so protective of her throughout the book. Ashley Greene although she does not exude to be the type that needs constant proection but she has more of the feminine quality like the Bella the author portrays.

I am disappointed with the character of Bella played by Kristen Stewart, personally I believe Ashley Greene would be better as Bella.

Below is the exclusive interview to French Twilight fansite, Impossible Fascination with Ashley Green.

On her character, Alice Cullen: “I love Alice. I originally went in [auditioned] for Bella and they gave me the part of Alice. I love the character, I got really lucky. I think she’s so lovable and she’s so cool. I get to see the future and she’s cute, she’s happy. I think that everyone kind of likes Alice so I am extremely happy that I got the part.”

On if she’s Team Jacob or Team Edward: “Oh, you know I am ‘Team Jacob’ when they were still deciding on whether to keep Taylor or not, but Edward is my brother. I adore them both, so I believe that I will am Switzerland.”

On her favorite scene in Twilight: “The one scene that was rough to shoot was the baseball scene because we were outside and it was freezing. It took a while to shoot but when it came out, I think it’s my favorite scene.”

On a character she’d love to play: “I wanna do everything, I really do. I really want to do a period piece and since I’ve dipped my toes into it in Twilight, I’d really like to do an action film. I think that’d be fun. There’s not a lot of films where you get to be a action hero, so that would be a good one.”


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