Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Fan Bingbing Wins 'Plastic Surgery' Case

Chinese actress Fan Bingbing claimed she never had plastic surgery was recently fallen victim to rumours that she has had plastic surgery done. A Beijing hospital in China in promoting plastic surgery services had used Fan's photographs in their promotion (via wesbite and posters according to sources) and this has damaged Fan's reputation. Obviously she had taken the matter in her own hands and had this matter dealt in court and the court had ruled in her favour and awarded her with 100,000 yuan in compensation which is equivalent to $20,000 Australian Dollars.
I think the amount of compensation to Fan is not enough because of the publicity surrounding this case the Hospital is getting freee advertising and its name out their therefore I think the compensation should be much more than the Y$100,000.
I trully believe Fan is a natural beauty.

A Beijing hospital will pay Chinese actress Fan Bingbing
100,000 yuan after a second court decided in favor of the star, who claimed emotional damages and damage to her reputation after the hospital illegally used her name in ads for plastic surgery.Beijing Second Intermediate People's Court
turned down the appeal of the defendant, Beijing Modern Women's Hospital, who had slandered the actress Fan Bingbing in online ads.The court upheld the original ruling that the hospital should remove all the ads from its websites and issue a public apology in addition to the 100,000 yuan in monetary
compensation.Ads hawking a 'special summer offer on Fan Bingbing's plastic surgery' and giving a link to the hospital's website appeared on the internet in September 2007. The actress claimed she has never authorized the organization to publish any ads using her name and had not had plastic surgery at the
hospital.Therefore the actress claimed the hospital had no right to use her name in its ads or put her image on their website, and that the hospital's use of her name and picture were a shameful slander against her reputation.The hospital defended the ads in court by claiming they actually reference a Hebei citizen of
the same name, not the famous actress.However, the hospital failed to get the girl in question to testify, admitting that she is not a party to the case and had declined to appear in court.The court found that the hospital's defense didn't hold water and ruled that the Beijing hospital had misled the public by
taking advantage of Fan Bingbing's celebrity and damaged the actress's public image.The actress was pleased with the result, saying that it proves she never had the surgery and that her lawful rights have been protected.



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