Monday, July 13, 2009

New mom Kelly Chen to return to work next month

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Hong Kong singer Kelly Chen may have just given birth to her son but the hardworking star is already planning on returning to work next month.

According to Apple Daily, Chen, 36, is heading to Taiwan to record an album as well as for a photo shoot end August. She also plans to perform in China in September.

Seems like Chen's son, Chace Lau Sing, has inherited mommy's impatient streak. The little one came into this world earlier than expected on July 10. Chen was due to deliver early August.

Chace shares the same birthday as Hong Kong singer Jacky Cheung and the proud parents hope he will be as talented and successful as the 'Heavenly King'.

Kelly has been keeping very low key closer to her due date. There were report that she disguised herself when going out to the public to hide her heavily pregant tummy. Well now she doesn't have to worry about people seeing her big belly anymore.


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