Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Watch Seong Yu-ri in new drama "Swallow the Sun"

If you love Seong Yu-ri then you'll be happy to hear that she's filming a new drama call "Swallow the Sun" watch online here.

From what I've been reading the drama is still filming so you can only watch it episode by episode. I'd probably wait until it's all out then watch it all at once. But for anyone who can't wait to watch this drama then proceed at your own peril. :P

Some background information for your interest.

The Cast:
Ji Seong as Kim Jeong Woo

Seong Yu-ri as Lee Soo Hyun

Lee Wan as Jang Tae Hyuk

The Story

Kim Jeong Woo - Jeong Woo was abandoned by his parents, they left him at an orphanage as soon as he was born. He lives a gangster life. When he saves the life of a wealthy, well-known, and powerful President Jang he sees an opportunity to change his life. To save himself he goes to Seoul in search of President Jang where he met President Jang's son Tae Hyuk.

Jeong Woo and Tae Hyuk became friends so Tae Hyuk asks Jeong Woo to help him win the hear of a woman and unsurprisingly, this woman is Soo Hyun, Jung Woo’s 1st love.

Jung Woo later learns that his father was a cruel, vicious man. He ends up taking the blame for Tae Hyuk’s crime, and he goes to prison. He's so ashamed of himself and therefore never approach Soo Hyun with his love however, Soo Hyun becomes slowly attracted to Jung Woo, making Tae Hyuk even more obsessive over her.

Lee Soo Hyun - In her childhood, Soo Hyun spent some time in Jeju island with her grandfather who owned a farm there. This was when she met Jung Woo for the first time at an orphanage. Following the tragic death of her parents and her beloved grandfather she continues to strive on a life journey all alone. She doesn't lose sight of her dreams. She is stubborn and ambitious, and there isn’t a single job she does not go through in the process.

Jang Tae Hyuk - An upset rich boy. Money brings top sports car and expensive clothes but can’t bring comfort to his heart. Lee Wan plays the role of a rich boy Teo Hyuk who has best friendship with Jeong Woo but fell in love with Soo Hyun as well.

As expected it is just another typical k-drama love triangle. I will watch it nevertheless because I love all three of the main cast. Seong Yu-ri is one of my favourites Korean actress and I love her style so I am watching out for what she wears in the drama.


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