Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Jay Chou & Jolin Tsai's romance to hit the big screen

Taiwanese singer Jay Chou

Taiwanese pop stars and former couple Jay Chou and Jolin Tsai may have gone their separate ways four years ago, but the media just can’t seem to get enough of the pair. And now there’s even going to be a movie based on their love story.

Titled “Boy and Girl 3: Eternal Promise”, the film by the Beijing-based Starlight International Media is the latest instalment of the popular “Boy and Girl” drama and movie series. The story centres around the complex relationship between a showbiz couple, and also offers an insight into the complicated yet unique nature of the industry. Even the soundtrack appears to be tailor-made for both Chou and Tsai.

The theme song which has been penned, reminisces about the time after their split. It tells of how a couple return to their individual lives after their break up and find new love again.

Starlight CEO Song Guang Cheng announced that he plans to rope in Chou’s bosom buddy, Fang Wen Shan, to the production team. He learned about Fang’s interest in movie production when the pair met while filming another Starlight movie “Mulan”.

According to Song, acclaimed directors Jingle Ma and Stanley Kwan have been invited to helm the project and the cast include Taiwanese star Peter Ho and Korean actress Chae Lim, who were once romantically linked.



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