Friday, April 2, 2010

Ron Ng and Roger Kwok fight at the cemetery

Ron Ng, Roger Kwok, Kate Tsui and Toby Leung were in Happy Valley's cemetery shooting for new TVB series . The scene talked about Ron and Roger using force on each other, Ron frankly said that he's not afraid of damaging the actual tombstones at the location and disrupting the "residents".

Ron said: "I have been the the cemetery to shoot outdoor scenes a few times, we follow the rules and didn't step on top of the area with tombstones. The crew gave out lucky red envelopes and I am carrying a "ping on fu" for luck, so not scared!"

Ron has seen Joyce Cheng's disguise as Kate Tsui promotional clip, he said: "I thought Kate went on , Joyce did a great job pretending to be Kate, she looked really similar. Joyce works hard and had lots of improvements. She's a great entertainer, having great potential in filming series and being on talent shows, just like Lydia Shum. I can see she puts great effort into her work. (When is it your turn to diguise as someone else?) Nah, I'm not good at it."

Kate also saw Joyce pretending to be her: "I admire her doing all the homework beforehand. I'm honored that someone is mimicing me, I want to try too, but I haven't thought of who yet. If there's a chance I really hope to collaborate with Joyce and Wong Cho Lam in pretending to be someone else."

Toby Leung was recently involved in a car accident and is currently waiting for the police to ask her about the situation. She called the other party involved in the accident and its nothing serious.

Bumps into Ella Koon and Elanne Kong again

Also, yesterday afternoon Ron, old rumored girlfriend Ella Koon and Elanne Kong attended an event together. Ron generously asked Ella who was dressed sexily to take a picture with him. Elanne was actually surprised, Ron said: "I'm not embarrassed. (Really glamorous?) There's so many pretty girls from the company who attended, I do feel its quite glamorous. I haven't seen Ella a whole year, I just said Hi to her. (You are so generous.) I'm the guy, have to be the gentlemen." Elanne said: "Ron took good care of me while we were filming the series, he is very gentlemen. (Your not sexy enough?) I have never been responsible for being sexy."

Source: Oriental Daily
Translated by: aZnangel @


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